Pavithra Gold Ring


Size of the ring Net Weight Gram/M gram
1 Full Pavithram 38.500
3/4 Pavithram 28.900
1/2 Pavithram 19.250
3/8 Pavithram 14.450
1/4 Pavithram 9.650
3/16 Pavithram 7.250

*Amount varies as per gram rate.
*Rates are approximate as per gold rates.
*Insured Postal charges apply.


Made only at Payyanur Kerala, the ring making tradition is attached to Subramaniya Temple.The rarity of tradition is the outstanding feature of Payyanur Pavitra Mothiram. Though Pavitra Mothiram is available in almost all jewellery showrooms, the authentic ones are from Payyanur. Chovvatta Valapil family is the only family engaged in the production of this traditional ring, they consider this ring making as sacred and they follow several traditions with utmost care in the process of making. They make ring according to the order placed , based on the name, place and time of birth of the individual. Pooja is performed at Payyannur Subramanya temple and the ring is despatched with the Prasad from the temple.

Please note the following while ordering for the ring:

  • Order for your suitable ring well in advance
  • The name and birth star should be given at the time of order
  • The exact measurement of the ring (annular) finger of right hand should be given ( This string or a fancy ring can be given as a measurement)
  • The ring will be sent by insured post within one month after receiving the order and payment.
  • Make to order Traditional ring
  • Made according to a person’s date of birth and time


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