Viswadevan Magazine is one of the most prominent Vishwakarma media in India. The magazine has been operational in India since 2015 and it is headquartered in Kottayam Kerala. Viswadevan Magazine is an art and cultural media.The most important aim of the media is to bring the most talented people in the arts, literature to the mainstream.

Viswaden Magazine has readers in Kerala and other states of India as well as other countries inhabited by Keralite Vishwakarma community. Viswadevan Magazine publishes a wide range of resources, including stories, poems, articles, features, paintings, periodicals, community news, interviews, famous Vishwakarma celebrities, temple arts, constructions, history, prehistory, cartoons, alien news, educational materials, public commentary, and more.

The Viswadevan Magazine published in the name of God Vishwakarma. is expected to be a lamp of knowledge for Viswakamma community across India.