Who we are

The Viswakarmma Online Group launched a WhatsApp group for Vishwakarmajars in 2017 led by a group of expatriate Viswakarmajars. To bring Kerala’s Vishwakarma community which has been heading in different directions without proper leadership, under one umbrella, the Viswakarmma Online Group, has been working tirelessly since 2017. The first family gathering was held in Aranmula in 2017 under the leadership of the Viswakarmma Online WhatsApp group, by including Vishwakarma community members across Kerala.

The Viswakarmma Online Facebook Group, formed by Viswakarmma Online Group in 2018, has become a great platform to promote vishwakarmajar’s artistic creativity, deal with community issues, uplift Vishwakarmajar’s career and to learn traditional arts and crafts. The Viswakarmma Online Facebook group, which started out with very few Vishwakarma members, now has about 12,000 members.

Viswakarmma Online Group’s philanthropic project, “Viswasevanam Karunya Padhathi”, started in 2018, has helped many deserving Vishwakarmajars. The Viswakarmma Online Group is moving forward with the “Viswasevanam Karunya Padhathi” to wipe out tears of community members. The Viswakarmma Online Group’s first annual and second family reunion was held in Chengannur in 2018 was a big success.

In 2019, the third family reunion and second anniversary were held at the Snehakkoodu Abhaya Mandiram, Kottayam. The Viswakarmma Online Group has recently created a Whatsap Group “Emirates Viswakarmma” only for UAE resident vishwakarma community members.

Finally, we are here with our dream project www.viswakarmma.com . This website is for uplifting Vishwakarma community, by promoting the traditional handicrafts of Vishwakarma community. We offer an online shopping cart V-Shop to sell handicrafts of Vishwakarmajars, and free matrimony for the community development. www.viswakarmma.com is a joint venture of 8 members.